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    • Our Strategy

    • Routedge website design strategy gives flexibility to our customers to select one of the above or together.

    Our Strategy
    • Routedge is here to serve you with what you need…

      A complete web hosting involves the entire four tasks below

      Domain name registration

      (Selecting a name for your company example www.yourcompanyname.com)

      Website design

      (Here we design creative layouts for all the pages you would like to publish through your web site)

      Website hosting

      (Here we will find a secured public server space for publishing the designed web pages. A place where your data is safe along with your emails)

      Email Address’s

      Along with your hosting space you can create and configure e-mail-ID for all the employees in your office, of course you decide who all need connections.

      Search Engine Optimization

      If you are expecting an income from your website, Routedge advice you to go for a good SEO consultant (like Routedge) to view your website listed at first or second page of a search engine.

    • Routedge website design strategy gives flexibility to our customers to select one of the above or together.

      1 Year Free Support for all the websites designed by Routedge Our support policy is to support you whenever you need us You can contact us by email/ telephone

      • A sufficient work done in market analysis.
      • A good management team armed with good and sound information technology we believe that our company's IT strategy is a part of the business re-design process.
      • Providing an easy and secured way for customers to effect transactions.
      • Providing reliability, security redundancy failure, safe technology encryption and firewalls.
      • Providing a 360-degree view of the customer's relationship, defined as ensuring that all employees, suppliers and partners have a complete view, and the same view, of the customer.
      • Constructing a commercially sound business functioning
      • Operating on or near the cutting edge technology, and staying there as technology changes (remember that the fundamentals of commerce remain indifferent to technology).
      • Securing up an organization of sufficient alertness and agility to respond quickly to any changes in the the economic, social and physical environment.
      • Providing an attractive website. The tasteful use of color, graphics, animation, photographs, fonts and White space percentage may aid to reach success.
      • Streaming business process through technologies and engineering.
      • Complete understanding team about the offered products or services.

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